You will have fun searching WinMX music downloads
This web site does not exit anymore in the U.S.

Winmx music downloads is still the best OpenNap client of the p2p programs. It is not used much in the U.S. since being shut down in September of 2005. It is used mostly in Japan with an estimated 3 million users since 2006. It lacks some things that other p2p programs have. First you are lucky at times to get a file even finished downloaded. They seem to always be in que.

Otherwise, WinMX is one powerful program that you can trust for your file-sharing. It has a built in chat simular to the old Napster. It does not contain features that you would find in other p2p programs like: Web browser, Built-in-Media Player, An organizer in "My files" section.

WinMX music downloads is an easy program to work. It's really good for newbies and others without experience using p2p programs. WinMX contain no spyware, pop-ups and other adware that is installed on your computer.

With the recent release, WinMX has included multi-source downloading from only WinMX music downloads clients running V3.1 or higher. Remember, when using WinMX it could take several seconds to a minute to connect. The whole process shouldn't take longer then 5 minutes, if you still cannot connect to the WinMX network try posting a thread in the forum.


*    Connect to multiple OpenNap networks simultaneously
*    Tracks and RESUMES broken transfers
*    Ability to throttle upload and download bandwidth
*    Upload and download bandwidth graphs
*    Per-user and over-all upload AND download queuing
*    Full chat capabilities including op commands
*    Multiple docking window interface great for hi-res and multi- monitor systems
*    Close program or shutdown computer (Win9x only) when transfers finish
*    Compatible with most LAN configurations

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