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When looking for music downloads it's great to find a free trial music downloads site to download music. It can get confusing sometimes if you don't know what to look for. You want to make sure the free trial site is free, safe and legitimate. After viewing this site my hope is that you will feel comfortable with the download site you choose and your life will be filled with good quality music downloads.

Not all music downloads are created equal

When searching for a
free trial music downloads site the first thing to know is what type of music download you need.

Yes, there are different types of digital music downloads. The most common are MP3's and WMA's. What does that mean? It means that both may work on your computer if you have the correct digital music player, but they may not work with your portable digital music player.(Also not all free trial music downloads site will work with Mac computers, but the majority will.)

Before you begin your search for the best free trial site make sure of the type of digital music downloads your player (iPod, Zune, Cell phone, etc.) uses.

How would you like your Music Downloads

There are many music download sites that offer free trials. These type of sites offer subscription based programs. The number of music downloads you are allowed will be based on the plan you choose. This usually involves a monthly membership fee.

While you are looking for that special free trial music downloads site you might find sites that offer music videos, audiobooks and internet radio. Many people like the internet radio feature especially those that are stuck behind a computer screen or are desk bound all day.

One Music download at a time

The other type of music download site are the ones that offer one song at a time for 99 cents or less. You can purchase as few as one or by the entire CD or collection. No membership fee is required and it is really quite simple to do.

The most popular sites of this type are iTunes and Wal-Mart Music Downloads. You can set up a free account and use you credit card to purchase songs or go to you local store that sells gift cards and buy an iTunes card or you local Wal-Mart and purchase their gift card.

I hope you will find the best music downloads site to download your music. I know I enjoy the convenience of downloading music from home to listen to on my iPod. Good Luck!!

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