Here is the scoop on free music download sites

Free music download sites are all over the net. They are the P2P, file-sharing networks you have heard about. Music download sites also come in the form of fee based music download sites were you pay a yearly or lifetime fee and get unlimited music downloads.

Let's discuss the P2P, file-sharing networks

KaZaA, Limewire, Ares ... the list is endless on these free download sites. These P2P, file-sharing programs allow you to download free music from others computers. These are not just free music download sites. You can get anything that is in the digital format with these programs. Pictures, movie downloads, ringtones, games, software, etc.

But, and this is a big but. This is totally illegal. Why is it illegal. Well you didn't pay for it. Now don't get confused. The programs you use KaZaA, Limewire, Ares etc. are totally legal. There is nothing illegal about these programs. What is illegal is what's downloaded with these programs.

Many independent artists or software programers use these type of programs as free music download sites to give free music downloads or software programs to there fans, but if the music or program is sold in stores and is copyrighted you stand the chance of breaking the law.

How about Free music download sites with subscriptions

These are great sites to belong too. I say this because there are a lot of... well to be nice... disturbed people out there who just want to destroy your hard-drives with viruses. This is the chance you take when you use the P2P, file-sharing programs. The file you get could be the file that terminates your computer.

The subscription sites offer unlimited music downloads that are clean, safe and virus free. They also offer software for managing and burning CDs and tech support to help you get the most from their site.

There are several links to the left to help you find good safe music. You can make your own discussion on how you get it. Free music download sites do exist. You can get !0 free music downloads each month just for subscribing to "NetMusic News" my monthly e-zine. Or you can download one of the P2P programs or subscribe to a fee based site. The cards are in your hand. Good Luck!!

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