Real SuperPass has free internet radio and thousands of top 40 hits

With over 3,000 free internet radio stations and 6 million legal downloadable songs this is just some of what you will get with this awesome program.

free internet radio

Real SuperPass is another option that you should definitely consider for your music download choice. They have a nice assortment of products that offers different ways of getting your music downloads.

The SuperPass music program is all legal and unlimited with a huge list of songs to choose from. Subscribers get to watch/listen to news, sports, film, TV and entertainment content using RealPlayer Plus. SuperPass offers 3,200 online music stations and $10 worth of music downloads each month. You get access to the best programming on the Reality and Online TV channel as well as the Discovery Channel, TLC and Animal Planet. You can also enjoy On-Demand Movies and PC games.

A two week free trial period to use their entire service. If you like the program it only costs $14.99 a month and you will also receive the $10 monthly music store credit to purchase MP3's.

If you like a particular song, download and burn it to CD or transfer it to your iPod or other listening device.

You really can't go wrong with this program. If you downloaded 10 songs from a non-subscription site you would pay close to the cost of the SuperPass Program. So sign up, use it all you want for 14 days, and decide if you like it. This program is one of the most popular subscription programs on the net and should be considered.

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