Find free download music sites to download MP3s

Free download music sites. A place to find music, that universal language that brings togetherness to all nationalities, genders and generations. The youth of today embrace the music of the past like never before and they are searching for recordings of these classics. Finding that gem recording from the past takes a special site. Usually it turns out to be the free download music sites . "But that's illegal!!" you say. Yes and No. If it can be found on the legit sites like iTunes, then yes it is illegal to download it. But if it is not in circulation anymore it could be in the public domain and thus provided for free. You really have to do your homework before you break the law.

You can find free Mp3 download sites that will allow you to download MP3s. These sites are mainly Indie (independent) music sites. Many musicians will allow you to download or sample their albums for free. NO CHARGE.

There are also web sites that say: For one low price you can have "Unlimited Music Downloads". These are not really web sites but computer programs that you are purchasing. Free computer programs! They are selling you P2P (peer to peer) programs like Limewire and bittorent programs (a peer-to-peer communications protocol for file sharing)that let you search other users computers to download music or other files. BE CAREFUL!!(Check out this page).

The programs or search databases that direct you to you intended song is not illegal. They are used for countless legitimate file sharing uses. What is illegal is what type of file downloaded. If it is someone's intellectual work (popular song, movie or computer program)then you are certainly breaking the law when you download it.

So, are there free download music sites out there? Yes. These sites provide Indie songs, not your mainstream popular titles. Can you get the mainstream popular title for free? Yes you can, but downloading them for free is illegal.

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