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Movielinkis the movie download site to download DVD movies. Offering pay-per-view rentals, you are able to download DVD movies each being a full length download. Movies free of graininess and poor quality that you find when you download free movies online.

Each movie download costs from .99 to $4.99 per title. Perfect if you are a movie buff on a shoestring budget. At last count it has a selection of over 900 videos and many being top rank popular films. Movielink offered seven of Blockbuster's top ten rentals proving that they are establishing themselves as pioneers in On-Demand movie rental.

There are no subscription or membership fees. No rental returns or late fees. You can view your download DVD movie on a PC or connect to your TV. If you have a laptop, and are going on a long business trip, download it to your laptop and take the movie with you. They let you try the service by offering a free movie download featurette. Once you've done this your system is ready to download DVD movies. They now have discounts for college students and military personnel too.

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Movielink's download DVD movies are primarily popular Hollywood movies, Asian films, Yamato Anime Classics(for that anime movie download), Disney movies, older cartoons featuring Rocky & Bullwinkle, Casper and Mr. Magoo and National Geographic Documentaries. Many other movie download sites might offer more movies, but most of the difference is in non-first-run movies and the adult category, which Movielink doesn't offer.

Movielink lists movies by categories like Action, Anime, Drama with new releases, Awesome 80's, top picks, and lists of favorites to aid you in selecting. You can search for movies by actor, director, or title but not keywords.

download dvd movies Though text descriptions of the movies are brief, you can download movie trailers for most movies, with additional clips and pictures available for some. Movielink has no parental controls, though you can elect not to store your credit card information with the account.

To rent a movie, you first download and install Movielink Manager, which is the movie download software that controls the movie download and playback. Each download DVD movie can be played in both Real and Windows Media formats, with immediate or delayed download and progressive playback (playing the movie while it is still downloading).

You can play the download DVD movie only on the computer on which you downloaded it. Rights vary by movie, but in general, you have 30 days to play a video after downloading it, and the file will expire either 24 or 48 hours after you first start watching it. You can buy another 24 hours for up to $1.99 (depending on the film).

Sorry, Mac users Movielink does not work with your system at this time.

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