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There are countless music download sites to dowload music . You will find online music download sites to purchase music by the song or entire CD's. The average price to download music is .99 cents per song. You can find music downloads from every style and genre of music and from almost every popular artist. There are also music download networks where you pay one monthly or yearly price and you can download an unlimited number of songs.

dowload music

All you need to download music is to first find a good music download site. You will also need a credit card or debit type account. Once you set up your account you can immediately begin to dowload music. Most music downloads will come in the .mp3 format. This is the format most portable mp3 players will use. Some songs will come in the .wma format which is the Windows Media file format. The popular iTunes format is .ACC which will only play on iPods. These songs can be converted to .mp3 and .wma the free iTunes program.

dowload music When you dowload music use a good desktop player like iTunes or Window Media Player to keep you songs in order and managable. You will be able to find the song you need easier and faster.

Good luck and if you have any question just click on the comments link and I will reply as soon as possible.

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