Is the Ares download for you?

Ares download is a nice p2p program for Windows. It has a very easy to use interface similar to Kazaa. There are many features to Ares that you will not find in any other p2p program out there. There is a nice Web Browser, Chat, Easy to use Search, Built in theater/Media player and a somewhat safe network to share your files.

Ares download runs on its own Decentralized Network. It usually is averaging around 2,000,000 files or lower, depending on what supernode you connect to. There is Multi-Source downloading which makes downloads alot quicker. The network tries not have many, if any fake files. The network is pretty clean right now for a free file-sharer and is very dependable.

* Advanced search for all types of media files (Audio, Video, Games, Software, Photos and more).

* Very fast downloads from multiple users simultaneously.

* Automatic resume feature that assures the completion of all your requested downloads.

* A Media Player with play lists and full-screen mode.

* Ability to preview Audio and Video files while their download is in progress.

* Enhanced Library Manager ideally designed for organizing all your PCs media files.

* Advanced media filter that prevents access to offensive files and viruses.

* Ability to create your chat room and chat with your friends while downloading.

* The most friendly and intuitive user interface.

* Bandwidth and queue control.

Ares Lite Edition

The Ares lite edition has been tuned to obtain low CPU usage and small memory footprint while keeping all the basic features of Ares download(Library-Search-Transfer-Chat). Recommended to Windows98 and WindowsME users.

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