Amazon Music offers a huge selection of music for every musical taste

Amazon Music is a great site to download songs on a per-song basis or an album for your computer or portable music player. There are no monthly membership fees involved, just find the song you want and download it. All music downloads are compatible with iPod, iPad, iTouch, Android, or any portable music player and cell phone that plays MP3's. There selection of over 6 million songs, at some of the lowest prices, makes Amazon Music a good choice for music downloads.

Amazon Music

We all know about music CDs, books and now the new Kindle, but few people know about Amazon for music downloads. The Amazon MP3 Download store really makes it simple to download your music files.

After you have searched for your song or songs and paid for them,(average cost 79¢ for singles and $7.99 for albums) you can download them one at a time or use the Amazon MP3 Downloader software. This convenient software makes it very easy to download multiple songs. The great thing is that the Downloader will automatically import all your music into your iTunes music folder or Windows Media Player folder.

You can also get free music from Amazon. Free Music! That's right. Great songs from current artists and holiday music all free for the taking. Many sites don't offer this. Amazon Free Music does.

So if you want to download a few songs a month, the music site is a good choice. If you download 10 or more a month, a subscription site like Napster, eMusic, Real SuperPass, and Rhapsody could be a better pick.

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