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"Advent Child Movie Download"

Advent Child Movie Download

The Japanese anime movie "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children" occurs two years after the events of Final Fantasy VII. The planet begins healing itself from the devestating attack from Meteor, but a strange disease known as Geostigma has arisen that is killing off people, especially children.

Cloud, who is also infected with the disease, has secluded himself from the world, being haunted by demons of his past but has a service that helps children infected with the disease.

Tifa's Bar, 7th Heaven, now becomes an orphanage to children infected with the disease. The survivors of Midgar begin to re-construct the devastated city. In the centre, is a remembrance to Midgar's unfortunate event. The president of the former Shinra, Rufus is also residing here in a wheelchair. He is also infected with Geostigma. He is using the Turks; Reno and Rude to bodyguard him and also hires Cloud to be one too. He is undergoing researches on the effects that Sephiroth's death had on the Planet.

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