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112 music download

112 music download

The 112 music download is equally rooted in gospel, soul and hip-hop, and the group 112was the first and most successful urban vocal group to emerge from Sean "Puffy" Combs' Bad Boy Records roster. Not only is the 112 music download and the group's eponymous 1996 debut popular, but the group could be heard on records by such Bad Boy artists as Puff Daddy.

Unlike most artists on Bad Boy, 112's image was clean, pure and wholesome, which helped the group cross over to a more mainstream audience and make the 112 music download a hot pick.

The four members of 112 -- Marvin, Daron, Q and Mike -- met each other while attending high school in Atlanta, Georgia. The quartet began to play talent shows at schools and local churches, eventually gaining the attention of Courtney Sills and Kevin Wales, who soon became the group's managers. Sills and Wales brought 112 to the attention of Sean "Puffy" Combs at Bad Boy Records. Combs signed on as the executive producer of 112's eponymous debut album, which featured songs the group co-wrote with such professional songwriters as Stevie J, Wayna Morris of Boyz II Men, and Combs himself.

112 music download "Only You," the group's debut single, was released in the summer of 1996 and climbed to number three on the R&B charts, peaking at number 13 on the pop charts. 112 was released in late 1996, and it steadily worked its way to gold status as the group's second single, "Come Seem Me," reached number 15 on the R&B charts. Room 112 followed in 1998 and Part III was issued three years later. The group all but left Bad Boy for 2003's Hot & Wet, and cemented their new relationship with Def Soul on 2005's Pleasure & Pain.

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